A Massive Multiplayer Online Map

A Massive Multiplayer Online Map

A playful feature of the Invisible Playground website shows how site visitors can be inspired to interact and explore with each other.

Kyle Studstill
  • 16 may 2011

We caught a simple, playful, background concept on the website of game creators Invisible Playground. The backdrop of the site is a street-level view of a green space in Berlin, generated from Google Maps. Visitors can drag the map to explore –  which updates the site instantly for all the other viewers as well.

Invisible Playground explains below:

The background image of this website is a Google Map set to satellite view at a high zoom level. It’s movements are persistent: You can drag it around and it will stay where you dragged it. But when you drag it, it will also move for everyone else visiting the site. When the map moves, someone else dragged it.

Together, everyone moving the map is taking a collective walk through Berlin. I wonder where we’re headed.

As everything is recorded on the server, we’ll be able to post a map tracking the map’s progress soon…

Invisible Playground

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