Highlights from the latest NY Tech Meetup event that PSFK attended last week.

PSFK attended the latest NYTech Meetup last week. Below are some of the highlights from the event.


Bridg.me guarantees conference calls will never be forgotten again because, rather than dialing in, the conference number calls the user. The online service plugs in with Google calendar, where the user, who has previously entered the date of the call, number and any pin details, will receive a call from the conference number at the scheduled time.


Uber is a smartphone application that connects users in real-time with registered drivers to become everyone’s private car service. Users simply selected their location on a map to view the available cars in their surrounding area and by pushing “i'm ready,” send the driver an alert, which must be responded to within 15 seconds.  Once accepted, the user can view a profile of the driver, along with an estimated time of arrival. The automated payment system stores credit card information on the app to make transactions seamless when a passenger arrives at their destination. Additionally, by inviting friends, customers will receive $10 off their next trip for every friend that joins. The application works on android, iPhone, and supports sms.

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