Artist Max Lamb uses the ancient technique of sand-blasting to build a chair on the beach, and constructs bookshelves from foam packaging material.

Artist Max Lamb has a knack for making the most out of things. Using sand, pewter, and the raw material from packaging, Lamb has constructed everything from bookshelves to chairs. Citing the pennyless days of his early career as the inspiration behind his method, Lamb has discovered amazing uses for common materials that exist all around us. Lamb shares with us the process behind his art, inciting fans to pursue their own forms of expression.

See the video below for an amazing look at the ancient process of sand casting. Lamb goes to the beach and makes a mold in the wet sand. He then pours molten pewter (heated on a camping stove) into it, waits for it to set, then digs out a sturdy stool. To see the three-plus hour process of sand-casting in full, click here.

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