Ogilvy Argentina designed an new campaign for Budweiser by linking the love of soccer (football) and pool in the bar scene.

Have you ever wanted to play soccer at a bar? Budweiser’s latest advertising campaign imagines such a vision as the brand unveils the sport of the future: Poolball. Created by Ogilvy Argentina, the clever interactive game was designed to engage soccer fans in nightlife settings. At several pubs throughout Buenos Aires, exclusive “Poolball” events took place where teams competed head-to-head in a game that is similar to pool but is played using soccer skills. A massive 22-foot pool table served as the stage and two teams were challenged with kicking and head-butting 15 soccer balls, re-skinned to resemble billiard balls into goals positioned in place of each of the pockets of a pool table. For a demonstration on how Poolball is played, watch the video below.

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