Concept iPhone Case Prints Polaroids

Concept iPhone Case Prints Polaroids
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The accessory lets you print the photos you've just taken straight from your device.

Emma Hutchings
  • 3 may 2011

Concept iPhone Case That Prints Polaroids [Pics]-4

This new iPhone case concept designed by Mac Funamizu prints Polaroid-like photographs from your device. Called ‘Sophie’, the accessory is compact and fits snugly around the iPhone, with the prints emerging from the bottom.

If you have uploaded your photograph to a website such as Flickr, you can add a QR code to the back of the printed photo linking it to the URL. If the photo is geo-tagged, you can also print a map on the back to show whereabouts it was taken.

A smart digital innovation for those who still prefer to have physical copies of their photographs.

Mac Funamizu

[via Yanko Design]

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