Craft & Data At FutureEverything 2011’s Data Dimension

Craft & Data At FutureEverything 2011’s Data Dimension
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As open data gathers pace we can look to artistic explorations for indications of the trends which may emerge.

Stephen Fortune
  • 9 may 2011

The realisation is dawning within Open Data circles that a holistic appreciation of data is needed. Attention to the processes of how ‘open data’ comes to be can be extremely beneficial to making a useful product or service from that data. Nathalie Miebach’s work is pioneering in that respect. We loved her musical weather data sculptures, but the process of her data art’s creation is important to consider too.

Miebach’s woven sculptures question and expand the traditional boundaries through which science data has been visually translated (ex: graphs, diagrams). By staying true to the numbers, these woven pieces function both as sculptures in space as well as instruments that could be used in the actual environment from which the data originates.

We like that Miebachs sculptures, on show at the data dimension at FutureEverything 2011, are evocative of Almanacs, once the gold standard in long term weather prediction and themselves a wonderful testament to human craft, itself witnessing a renaissance at a time of accelerated digital development. Miebach’s emphasis on her data collating methods may be instructive as to how open data will intertwine with maker culture, citizen science, DIYBio hacking and live data hubs like Pachube.

The Data Dimension Art Exhibition showcases a number of innovative data art projects including Nicholas Felton’s Annual Reports, The Wilderness Downtown and Iohanna Pani’s ‘Form Follows Data’ series

FutureEverything 2011 takes place from 11th May to 14th May.

Nathalie Miebach

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