Ford Developing In-Car Health Monitoring

Ford Developing In-Car Health Monitoring

Ford have teamed up with Medtronic to help drivers track health issues like blood sugar levels.

Emma Hutchings
  • 23 may 2011

Ford is looking to develop it’s Sync technology, which enables voice control of mobile phones and audio systems, to monitor people with health problems.

Teaming up with medical technology company Medtronic, they unveiled a prototype that uses the in-car communications system to help drivers track their blood sugar levels on their journey. This would alert diabetics if their levels were too high or low with a sound or a signal on the dashboard screen. They could then stop for an insulin injection or something to eat that would restore their blood sugar to normal.

Ford also announced a project to give drivers information about allergy alerts and pollen levels using the Sync system, for those suffering from asthma and severe allergies.


[via Detroit Free Press]

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