Picks For NYC Design Week – Dave Pinter of PSFK

Picks For NYC Design Week – Dave Pinter of PSFK

The concept designer and PSFK design editor talks about repurposed architecture and why design isn't 'stuff.'

Dan Gould
  • 14 may 2011

At our PSFK SALON this morning, the editors of some of the top design industry websites shared ideas about the current state and future of design, as well as what they are looking forward to seeing at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.


Dave Pinter, concept designer and PSFK design editor, talks about his picks, and what the future holds:

What was the most drop-dead fantastic design object or idea you’ve seen in the past few months?

What left the biggest impression on me as a design idea was my recent visit to Matadero, Madrid. Reborn as a center for the arts from Madrid’s old slaughterhouse, the project is a remarkable case study for repurposed architecture. I personally appreciate a visual style which isn’t perfect or too polished and the Matadero project kept a significant part of each building’s history intact. Raw materials like plywood, blackened corten steel, and safety glass were used in new construction creating a contrasting dialog with the original building. The place has soul.

Who is an up-and-coming designer that we should watch out for?

I’ll be looking for them in the schools section of this year’s show.

What is the thing/booth not to miss at this year’s ICFF?

The ICFF Studio which Bernhardt curates. It always features a selection of young designers showing top quality work.

What do you think will be the next big design trend?

I think of design as a verb describing methods. Design for me isn’t ‘stuff’. With that in mind I see interest in more designers undertaking a considered approach to working that involves not only applying a creative method to their project but also how it will be produced and by who as well as how it will be distributed and sold. Kickstarter is an interesting place to watch how product designers are taking a more proactive role in the business side of product development and marketing. Could Local Motors evolve into a template for a global automotive design studio in the future? Our recent trip to Levittown for Droog’s Open House 2011 showed the potential for architecture and design to transform suburbia in collaboration with homeowners trying to adapt to economic changes.

Dave Pinter


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