M ss ng p eces worked with GE to tell TED's audience 'The Story of Light,' and highlight GE's innovations with the LED lightbulb via stop-motion based storytelling.

Our attention was caught by a video developed by GE and m ss ng p eces for TED's audience, taking viewers on a minute-long journey through the history of light. The film was developed in a stop-motion style to illustrate GE's LED technology to TED. Recounting the history of light was necessary to provide some background on the LED bulb's backstory & place in history.

According to m ss ng p ces:

The story of light is the incredible story of civilization itself. We have used light for survival, to learn by, to entertain and express ourselves, mold experiences, and illuminate our imaginations. Inspired by such a singular story we set out to create a handmade storybook fantasy illustrating milestones in the history of light. Each chapter invites us through the annals of history, leading to present day where a new set of possibilities are yet to be realized in the light of tomorrow.

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