Glitch Filter App Plays Russian Roulette With Your iPhone Snaps

Glitch Filter App Plays Russian Roulette With Your iPhone Snaps

Digital photo manipulation eschews retro celebration in favour of raw glitch aesthetic.

Stephen Fortune
  • 23 may 2011

As far as trends spurred by accessible digital manipulation software, analog – fetishism and glitch fandom have really gone hand in hand, so perhaps the most surprising thing about Decim8’s arrival is how long it took for a decent app to capitalise on this trend.

Decim8 does for artifact enthusiasm what Hipstamatic and their ilk did for Polaroid nostalgia by enabling you to parse photos through the glitch grinder. Perhaps the most compelling element of the app is the unpredictable outcome of the filters being applied.

Decim8’s filters and algorithms don’t exactly telegraph what they’re going to do to your photo ahead of time: your photo could come out looking like heaven or hell.

In so doing the app stays true to the jarring effects a glitch should evoke: there is no way to determine what generative wonder will result from letting the decim8 algorithms run amok with your digital snapshots (and that’s where the fun starts)


Co.Design: “Decim8 iPhone App Turns Photos Into Futuristic Glitch Art

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