How Do You Sleep At Night? Data Tracking Pajamas, Of Course [Video]

How Do You Sleep At Night? Data Tracking Pajamas, Of Course [Video]
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Wearable technology means 40 winks may no longer be so elusive.

Stephen Fortune
  • 27 may 2011

We hardly need reminding that sleep is important and with technology looking increasingly like an obstacle to catching a solid 40 winks, its refreshing to see technology being put to work for the sandman.

The Somnus sleep shirt is typical of the ingenious gadgets arising from the burgeoning quantified self movement and represents a serious streamlining of the usual technology required to gain insight into your sleep patterns. The Somnus evaluates slumber quality on the basis of breath analysis alone:

The form-fitting Somnus Sleep Shirt is embedded with two sensors that keep track of a person’s overnight breathing and transmit this information to a small data recorder

Users upload this data to the Nyx website along with some self reporting on their caffeine and alcohol intake to build up a picture of whether they’re getting quality shut eye or not.

The Somnus Sleep Shirt is currently in alpha prototyping stage and comes with the caveat that its monitoring methods are still experimental. Nevertheless, it holds serious potential for health benefits (for instance insomniacs) and may be one area where the quantified self  can go mainstream.

Nyx Devices

Engadget: “Somnus Sleep Shirt Watches While You Sleep”

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