ICFF 2011: Speaker System Crafted From Salvaged Materials

ICFF 2011: Speaker System Crafted From Salvaged Materials
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Jinsheng Wang returned to ICFF to debut another unique audio installation.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 23 may 2011

Sculptor/Designer Jinsheng Wang caught our attention at last year’s ICFF with his collection of turntables converted to fountains and zen rock gardens. This year he was back at the show with a follow up project called ‘Gypsy Wheel’ which is a working speaker system built from found objects.

I have pursued this project because it brings together three ideas: the wheel is a metaphor for a journey, the drum is about an awakening, and lastly, the set mimics a stage for music and dance. During the show, Charles Lloyd’s Forest Flower, Keith Jarrett’s Changeless and Jack Dejohnette’s Oneness will spin out of the Gypsy Wheels.

Wang constructed ‘Gypsy Wheel’ completely from salvaged materials including tractor tires, audio electronics, speakers, typewriter parts, toys and music stands. We asked him if he felt out of place exhibiting at ICFF which predominately features clean contemporary and high end crafted furniture. He said he chose to attend the show to “create some waves in the pond” in other words he wants to offer something challenging for people to see at the show. He didn’t display any text description or narrative with the work so speaking with him was the only way to get the story. For an exhibition that nearly totally focused on business, Wang’s booth is a unique gem which focuses more on forcing a reaction and getting people to think. Wang told us that ‘Gypsy Wheel’ is related to his turntable sculptures from the prior year and that at the 2012 ICFF he intends to conclude the series with yet another sound inspired installation.

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