‘Low-Annoyance’ Car Horns For New York’s Taxis

‘Low-Annoyance’ Car Horns For New York’s Taxis

The city's new taxi, the Nissan NV200 will feature a gentler horn to reduce the annoying sound of loud honks.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 may 2011

New York’s new taxi, the high-tech Nissan NV200, featuring transparent roof panels and charging facilities for passengers’ phones, tablets and laptops, will also be fitted with a new “low-annoyance” horn. Hoping to reduce the amount of complaints received about the ear-splitting honks from taxis, Nissan is currently developing a quieter, less grating noise but hasn’t revealed full details about what it will actually sound like yet.

According to Nissan executive Joe Castelli, the company will be exploring kinder, gentler tones but not “a parakeet chirping or something like that”. So it won’t match the sound of those tweeting natural car alarms then.

[via NYTimes]

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