McDonald’s Restaurants Get Their Biggest Ever Renovation

McDonald’s Restaurants Get Their Biggest Ever Renovation
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The fast-food chain is undertaking a $1 billion revamp of its American restaurants over the next few years.

Emma Hutchings
  • 11 may 2011

McDonald’s is starting the biggest restaurant makeover in its history. Costing over $1 billion, the majority of its American chains will have the new look by 2015. The fast-food giant’s redesign is all about modernization and simplicity. Some highlights of the newly-renovated restaurants are:

  • Remodelled roofs: A flatter, more conventional roof, with a curvy yellow “brow” above the McDonald’s name.
  • Muted paint: The iconic neon yellows and reds have been toned down with more subtle oranges, reds, yellows and greens. Splashes of bright yellow and red are used sparingly for effect.
  • No more fiberglass and steel: The old fiberglass tables and steel chairs are being replaced with wood. Also, some colorful stools, vinyl-covered chairs and larger lounge chairs.
  • Separate zones: The dining areas are being divided up into sections, with different zones for large groups, those who want to catch a quick bite, and those who want to lounge in comfort.
  • Expanding drive-thrus: Many restaurants are adding a second drive-thru window to speed up service.
  • Modern lighting: Fluorescent lights are out and contemporary lamps are in.
  • Flat-screen TVs: In a selection of restaurants, big flat-screen TVs are being installed, playing contemporary music.

[via USA Today]

Photos by Brian Blanco/ USA Today


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