Nestle Uses Packaging As A Storytelling Device

Nestle Uses Packaging As A Storytelling Device

JWT Brasil's package design concept for Nestle Alpino invites you to play Peg Solitaire with chocolate (if you don't eat your game pieces first).

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 23 may 2011

We love clever packaging as a storytelling device, and as an opportunity for a brand to surprise & delight it customers. So we were understandably intriged with a packaging concept developed by JWT Brazil for Nestle’s Alpino chocolate.

According to the folks at JWT Brasil;

Among Nestlé’s chocolates, the Alpino line is one of the most premium and one of the brand’s preferred chocolates. To make consuming Alpino even more fun, we created a limited edition package where the chocolates are the pieces of the classic board game Peg Solitaire and sent to an exclusive mailing list of fans and partners of the brand reinforcing the concept “I’m a Chocolover”

We’ve noticed some brands get heat for particularly creative packaging that was deemed by some to be a wasteful use of packaging (and natural resources). While we don’t advocate irresponsible use of resources, we think the limited quantities that are created of these packages (they’re not meant for mass production runs on all store shelves – just for a limited time launch or introduction to a select and targeted number of individuals/entities) may balance out these concerns.

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