Warner Bros has revamped its promo for the comic book caper, and it looks a lot like one the fans made earlier.

This article titled “New Green Lantern trailer fuelled by fanboy power” was written by Ben Child, for guardian.co.uk on Thursday 5th May 2011 16.03 UTC

It’s common knowledge these days that selling a genre movie is all about getting the fanboys on side, whether that means studios cosying up to Cheeto-crunching dudes on movie blogs, or heading down to Comic-Con to make sure the spandex crew are on side. More marketing, less creative vision seems to be the way of things. It’s a phenomenon that has led to movies such as last year’s The Expendables, a film custom-designed to get the geeks hot under the collar but which left those not interested in finding out which ageing 80s action stars are harder than which other ageing 80s action stars rather cold.

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