Pepsi Engineering New Types Of Salt And Sugar For Their Products

Pepsi Engineering New Types Of Salt And Sugar For Their Products

The company is researching and designing new ways to make food healthier for consumers.

Emma Hutchings
  • 20 may 2011

A recent profile of the PepsiCo company in the New Yorker looks at Pepsi’s development of healthier food options and reveals how they are engineering new types of sugar and salt with less calories.

Pepsi has created a new type of salt called “15 micron salt” that has been designed to taste saltier so they can put less sodium on their potato chips but have them still taste the same. This is going to be put on Lay’s from next year.

They have a new cola product that tastes exactly the same as a regular can of Pepsi but has 60% less sugar. This cola uses flavor enhancements to increase the intensity of sweeteners so they taste like real sugar.

Pepsi also have a robot with genetically-engineered tastebuds! It has been designed to test thousands of compounds in the company’s search for a natural sweetener with no calories that tastes likes sugar.

Obesity and the Future of Snacking

[via Science Knowledge]

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