Pillow Fighting Gets Real With First World Cup

Pillow Fighting Gets Real With First World Cup

A favorite activity of flash mobs around the world takes a turn towards becoming a more "serious sport."

John Ryan
  • 17 may 2011

Feathers will fly as female pillow-fighters from the US, Austria, Sweden and Japan converge in Brooklyn to battle for the first ever world championship title. There will be no jumping on the bed or pajamas, however as the organizers stress pillow-fighting is a serious sport.

Notice: This is real pillow fight. The boxing ring, the clothes and rules are all according to the CEPFR (central european P.F rules). This is NOT about half naked women wrestling with pillows as an accessory. This is by all means one of the most technically, physically and mentally challenging sports today.

The Pillow Fight World Cup takes place May 17th at Warsaw in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Pillow Fight World Cup

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