In 2010, JWT Delhi created a statue of Osama Bin Laden using nothing but plastic, as way of personifying the litter problem in the country.

It’s no secret that the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death has spawned countless headlines, tweets, and blog posts around the world. Politics aside, it was Copyranter who brought to our attention “a round-up of recent ads that used him as the creative linchpin” for marketing products from cough drops to cars. One particular campaign used his likeness as a way to educate communities on non-degradable plastic.

In 2010, JWT Delhi addressed the environmental affects of litter, by personifying the problem with plastic statues of Osama Bin Laden emblazoned with the words “Plastic Won’t Die.” Developed for Eco Elf, an environmental education group in Gurgaon, India, the statues were erected in public spaces and cultural centers around Delhi, including Dilli Haat, Pragati Maidan and South Extension and passersby received recycled bags as an alternative to plastic ones. Now with the capture and subsequent burial of Bin Laden sea, it will be interesting to see if the campaign evolves its focus.

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