PSFK Interviews ICFF Designers: Zorine Pooladian

PSFK Interviews ICFF Designers: Zorine Pooladian
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The designer notes the importance of music and movement in her design process.

Stephanie Pottinger
  • 11 may 2011

This week, PSFK will be interviewing a variety of designers — both established and up-and coming, to give a preview of what to look forward to at this year’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), taking place this Friday through Monday in NewYork. This year, the majority of designers will be displaying their work at the Jacob K. Javits center, and we’ve asked them to give us some insights into what they will bedisplaying, their design process, where to find them in the center, and which booths they’ll be checking out in their free time.

We asked Zorine Pooladian to share some thoughts and images about her work and the work of others with us.

What are you preparing to show at this year’s ICFF?

I will be showing my rocking stools, Aria and Beat. Aria is sculptural, elegant and a unique piece of art. Aria is a walnut stool created with an open, octagon shape. Hand-sanded and polished to a lustrous shine, the piece’s joinery creates the feeling of circular movement. Aria’s organic shape is Beautiful to look at and exciting to sit on.

Beat has pizzazz; it’s a fun and sexy piece of sculpture. Beat is a solid version of Aria made from medium-density fiberboard and finished with high-gloss automotive paint. Beat can rock in any color. Beat and Aria are very special rocking stools. They are designed to be sat on, and rock in two different ways.

How would you briefly describe your design process?

I believe in unique experiences and special moments. In the case of Aria and Beat, music and movement inspired me to create their design. When designing my stools I knew I wanted to create something simple and elegant yet fun and sexy. One of the challenges with my stools was their seat size. I had to research the exact size the human body needs in order to be able to sit comfortably. Some of my research entailed researching bicycle seats and rocking horses.

Have any recent design trends influenced your current work?

When I was part of Bernhardt Design in 2010, I learned about the value of minor changes and details, it also made me fall in love with the elegance in simplicity. Although, I’m mostly inspired by people, their feelings and unique moments of their life, I also love details used in simple ways. I was in Milan for the first time about two weeks ago for the furniture fair at Salone Satellite, I was amazed and influenced by the amount of detail, care and design in every furniture I saw.

Who is the one designer whose work you will definitely be checking out at the show?

I will be looking forward to see every single Designer who is showcasing at ICFF. I’m excited to meet some great people and make some new friends.

Do you feel the ICFF show is evolving in a way which keeps pace with the design industry?

ICFF creates a lifetime opportunities for many designers and especially young designers. A lot of young designers dream about being part of ICFF. As a young designer showcasing my design at ICFF, I am excited, thrilled, thankful and proud to be part of this great opportunity.

Where will you be exhibiting during this year’s ICFF?

I’ll be in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, at booth 876.

Thanks, Zorine!

Zorine Pooladian

As the culmination of all our ICFF coverage, PSFK will be hosting a Salon on the Future of Design featuring the editors of top design websites. The event will take place this Friday the 13th from 8:30 to 11am at Soho House.

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