Screenstagram Turns Instagram Photos Into a Screensaver

Screenstagram Turns Instagram Photos Into a Screensaver

A new application gives ethereal Instagram photos a second life.

Dylan Schenker
  • 18 may 2011

Instagram photos carry a kind of ephemeral nature insofar that they don’t have much of a life beyond their initial posting to social networks. In that sense they are similar to text-based status updates on Twitter and Facebook in that they are promptly forgotten after their initial uploading and posting. In an effort to take on the quick-hit nature of Instagram photos and give them more of a shelf life, Barbarian Group has created a screensaver that collects both the Instagram photos in a single person’s social network and the most popular Instagram photos and stitches them together into a screensaver called Screenstagram.


Image Courtesy of Barbarian Group

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