Smack Nightclub Lets Their Design Do The Talking

Smack Nightclub Lets Their Design Do The Talking
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Steve Smith divulges the design ethos behind the controversial and successful Leamington Spa nightclub Smack.

Stephen Fortune
  • 6 may 2011

Design has always been the paramount principle for Smack‘s owner and founder Steve Smith. The nightclub opened in 1999 with the distinction of being the first boutique club of it’s kind in the UK and has since seen five refurbishments, each one upping the ante for edgy interior aesthetics.

The club has been a massive success with the forward thinking student population of Leamington Spa, the relatively sleepy surroundings of which making the presence of Smack all the more remarkable. Steve Smith strives for a varied music programme at bargain basement prices,

“We try to keep it current and relevant to our crowd and it seems to be working”

In spite of his successful promotion strategies Smith is unashamedly certain that design is key:

“I think the design is the starting point, and the rest ( the crowd, the attitude and the music) follows and falls into place.”

The latest overhaul features a number of clever designs, including Polaroid wallpaper of customers replete with spur of the moment comments those customers attached to their snapshots. The most impressive new addition is the LED room (see video below), which affords a striking contrast to the rest of the stark black and white interiors of the night club:

“The room has been a major success – the first 150 into the club head straight into this room, with the next 100 queueing to get in there.”

The redesign won the club nominations in this year’s Restaurant and Bar Design Awards though it is no stranger to such praise having already garnered accolades and awards for their previous refurbishments. It’s equally not afraid to court controversy and wind ups, with it’s rename to Smack (UK slang for heroin) in 2007 earning the ire of many a local news outlet

Smack Nightclub

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