Storing Physical Belongings In The Cloud

Storing Physical Belongings In The Cloud

How likely are you to place your belongings in a cloud-based storage service?

Plus Aziz
  • 18 may 2011

Our relationships to personal and virtual possessions has been shifting dramatically. It started with content sources like books, movies, or videogames and gradually moved to physical objects. This could be traced back to the emergence of eBay, and furthered by the sufficient growth of innovative services driving object sharing sites like Neighborgoods and Snapgoods.

Lore Sjöberg imagines a world where he can download and upload his physical belongings. He sees this as a way to not only save space, but also as a lifestyle that supports emerging trends such as collective consumption and the growing interest in shared ownership:

For less than the price of renting a storage space, you subscribe to a “physical cloud” in your area. You send them everything you don’t use every day, and when you need an ice-cream maker or a folding card table… it’s pulled from the cloud and delivered to your door within 24 hours. Is it the same one? Who cares — it’s clean and well-maintained and it’s yours until you send it back

It’s a great idea with important business implications. Can you imagine storage companies catching on to this idea? How likely are you to be interested in subscribing to “cloud-based storage”?

Wired: “Alt Text: Hey, You, Get Into My Cloud”

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