Nielsen looks at how does the ownership of tablets effect purchasing and usage of other devices.


Following up on their 2010 Connected Devices research, Nielsen did a recent study answering pertinent questions on tablet consumers and user behavior in the USA. Here are some of the statistics they report:

50% of tablet owners use it only for themselves, 43% share the tablet with others. 8% bought a tablet for the home that they never use. 35% of tablet/desktop users report using the desktop less often or not at all, 32% say they use their laptop less often or never since buying a tablet. 27% of eReader owners report using their eReader less often or not at all. 1 in 4 tablet owners who also own a portable gaming console report using these gaming consoles less often or never since purchasing a tablet.

While the iPad continues to lead in the tablet category in the USA (by a whopping 82%, according to Pop Gadget), competitors (such as Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Dell) are all expected to be dedicating resources to introducing their own products over the coming years, some of them powered by Google's expanding Android platform. It will be interesting to monitor just how the tablet re-shapes people's usage of other electronic devices.

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