The Postal Vision 2020 conference in June will examine the effect of social networks and technology on traditional mail delivery.

A group of technology experts and postal advocates will meet on June 15th to discuss the future of the postal service in America. The Postal Vision 2020 conference aims to answer questions such as “What is the quantitative impact of digital technology on mail and postal delivery?” as the postal service has been one of the hardest hit by developments in this field.

Hoping to come up with some strategies for the future will be speakers including Vint Cerf, Google's Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist. As well as sorting out its current problems (like the $7 billion it is estimated to lose this fiscal year) the meeting will also look at long-term plans. They will examine prospects for a much broader service that embraces technology, maybe drawing inspiration from foreign postal services who are using codes sent by text instead of stamps and scanning mail into PDFs for digital deliveries.

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