We interview the UAE-based consultancy Zaman about their journey to crown the Middle East's top brands.

Branding agency Zaman is embarking on a remarkable initiative as they campaign to consolidate votes to determine the best brands in the Middle East. The initiative includes not only regional product and service brands, but also blogs, media outlets, and even festivals.

PSFK caught up with Zaman's Founder and CEO, Grace Yacoub, to get a better idea of what they are doing.

Tell us about what you hope to achieve with your initiative.

Throughout our 16 years of practice in the Middle East, we have tried to make Arab companies focus on creating meaningful experiences around their brands. We felt that is the only way they could penetrate a market that is saturated with international established brands. We have oriented companies to be more honest about their offering so they are perceived as real and genuine. We believe that authenticity drives brands to be successful and loved.

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