The Information Blanket By BMB

The Information Blanket By BMB

Over the past several days, we have been shining a light on The Information Blanket, a product designed as part of a challenge held by PSFK in association with our Future of Health Report.

Jeff Weiner
  • 31 may 2011

Over the past several days, we have been shining a light on The Information Blanket, a product created by BMB NY. This product was designed as part of a challenge held by PSFK in association with its Future of Health Report. At the center of the challenge was a brief crafted by UNICEF in which they asked participants to use the creative stimulus within the PSFK Future of Health Report as fuel to come up with solutions that alleviate the issues faced by Community Health Workers in third-world and developing countries.

BMB’s Information Blanket is now on sale within the United States.  We have detailed some more information about the blanket below.  Those of you that would like to purchase a blanket, or help fund the production and distribution of Information Blankets for new mothers in Uganda can visit The Information Blanket website for more information.

Design Elements

The Information Blanket is a baby blanket imprinted with information about how to care for a newborn, including a growth chart with average ranges for one, three and six months, feeding and vaccination frequency, high temperature alert, doctors appointment reminders and a list of illness warning signs.


The blanket is made from eco-friendly 100% double knit North Carolina cotton. Soft and durable, it meets the strictest U.S. environmental standards on dyes and finishing.  The fabric is pre-shrunk and shipped to New York City where local craftsmen cut it to swaddling size and double lock stitch the edges. The informational graphics are then screen-printed using non-toxic water-based inks.


The blanket was designed by BMB NY’s Executive Creative Director Neil Powell.  BMB NY worked closely with production designer Robert Pyzocha to execute the production of the blankets.


The Information Blanket is being distributed in Uganda with future hopes to continue the program in other under-developed areas all over the world.  BMB NY selected Uganda as the first location for distribution because the East African nation has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world due to minimal pre-and-post natal education and limited health care access. The first 1,000 blankets will be handed delivered by BMB NY during their visit on May 21st – 29th.  In addition, an English version is available for purchase via the campaign’s website.


BMB is funding the first round of blanket distribution in Uganda. The public can support this initiative by making a contribution at to cover production and distribution costs.  For each $25 contributed or English version purchased, a blanket will be given to a new mother in Uganda.  The Information Blanket has been set up as its own company, and all profits will fund the continuing distribution efforts in Uganda and other parts of the world.


BMB has partnered with The Shanti Uganda Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving infant and maternal health and providing safe women-centered care and education to mothers in Uganda, to help distribute the blankets. The Shanti Uganda Society’s birthing center outside of Kampala will serve as the main distribution point for The Information Blanket in Uganda, ensuring the blankets reach new mothers who need the it most.

You can learn more and purchase The Information Blanket here.

On Twitter: @infoblanket

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