The iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5?

NFC, Air Sync, social, RFI? What the next iteration of Apple's mobile phone could have in it.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 19 may 2011

NFC, Air Sync, social, RFI? What will the next iteration of Apple’s mobile phone have in it? Lots of people are speculating so PSFK asked our network of experts on the PurpleList to chip in with their suggestions on what we might see when the tech company launches their next phone.

Brian Regienczuk, a user experience expert in Atlanta, says:

I hope the iPhone 5 has Near Field Communication (NFC), so that we can simply swipe to pay or share private information that needs to be protected. Essentially, anything with an rfid tag could become another way to bridge the digital/physical divide with added ease of use and encryption for sensitive information transfers.

This feature has been reportedly removed from the iPhone 5, but I am still holding out hope that they’ll sneak it in to compete with Android.

Kyle Studstill, a New York based trends expert, says:

A radar-based range-finding sensor. A simple concept application that you could adjust the volume by moving your hand further from or closer to the phone.

João Rosman, a marketing expert in Sao Paulo, says:

I am betting on the next step for Air Play, Air Sync. With the futher integration of the OSX with IOS I would be perfect to be able to synchronize files, playlists, video, photos and different media wireless and on multiple platforms. Like buying a movie on Apple TV, pause it and continue watching it on my Iphone or iPad at the exact place I I paused.

Mark Lightower, a branding expert in Basel, says:

I’m hoping for 2 features:

The ability to plug and play with RFI tags so that you could build proximity apps. One idea that I had was to have a tag for the kids while an outdoor party or places like fun parks. Set the distance to the tag before an alarm goes off and you can relax and let your kids play. Many other self made proximity uses for that.

I would like the Iphone 5 to be able to connect to any lap top so that I can demo work from my computer and have a customer/ collegue see what im doing without having to crowd around the computer screeen. This enables you to work on a computer, have a face to face meeting with the other person seeing what your typing all at the same time.

Yashesh Shethia, a design and marketing expert in Mumbai, says:

I think it will have social features built in to the OS. To be able to share the music you are listening to, pod-casts you are watching….whatever activity, it will share it within a closed user group. May be this could be shared with other networks like Facebook and Twitter too.

What do you think? Add your answer on the PurpleList.

(And yes, that image at the top is an artist’s concept)

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