PSFK curates some of the brand strategy, digital and creative advertising news that caught our attention this week.

Here is a look at some standout brand-building and communications stories that caught our attention this week.

Ideas Shaping Strategy, Creativity & Innovation

Genevieve Bell, Intel Anthropologist: 10 Visions of the Future 10 Years of Innovation Highlighted in One Night How to Turn Around Our Creativity Crisis (hint: combine work & play) Facebook is a Mall, Google is a Taxi: the Plan to Monetize Your Attention The (Shy) Woman Whose Words Accidentally Became Martin Luther King's (on the power of words – and how quickly we misattribute things) Why Really Successful People Leave Work Early How Leica Maintains Its Brilliant Photography Brand Can Coke Start a Trend to Make Inspiration a Form of Co-Creation? Build a Community to Build Your Business Trend Reporting: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Google Has the Best Reputation of Any Company Google's Plan to Win Location and Social

Innovative, Inspiring Ideas: New Products, Projects & Services

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