Volkswagen’s Data Visualization Experience: What True Life Costs

Volkswagen’s Data Visualization Experience: What True Life Costs

An informative and engaging site educates and informs on what life - eating, dressing, enjoying, sharing and driving - costs (at least in the UK).

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 24 may 2011

Fast Company turned our attention to Volkswagen UK’s Infographic site experience, True Life Costs. The site invites you to learn about the cost of living – and how your decisions add up, with the following introduction:

How do you know if something is good value? The number on the price tag might only be half the story. Maybe we should be thinking about the cost of things over time. What you eat, what you do for fun, and especially what you drive. You won’t believe how it all ads up.

Your exploration of the site – and the costs involved in the average life of a UK resident – begin with the declaration that the average UK citizen will spend £1,758,914 in his or her lifetime. You’re then invited to explore what ‘life’ costs across different categories, based on some of the decisions you’re making – like high street dressing vs. a more DIY sense of style. Hanging out on (and maintaining) a boat, vs. the more humble, communal book club. Sipping cocktails and fine dining, vs. making your own.

We loved several elements about the site. First, its sense of design is whimsical, rather beautiful and compelling – like more of an idillic village, and less of a mundane, modern suburb. Second, the interactivity makes the process of becoming more informed about the financial impact of your decisions actually interesting and engaging. And lastly, the tie-in to the brand – the cost of a VW auto vs. other brands – is subtle but natural within the grand scheme of living expenses.

Overall, VW’s ‘True Life Costs’ demonstrates how a brand use data visualization to tell an interesting, engaging story that is relevant (and favorable) to the brand.

True Life Costs

[via Fast Company]

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