WhereBerry: Social Networking With A Focus On The Future

WhereBerry: Social Networking With A Focus On The Future

Newly-launched site helps you plan activities with your friends.

Emma Hutchings
  • 20 may 2011

WhereBerry, which launched earlier this week, is a social networking site that focuses on the future rather than current check-ins and past events. It’s all about discovering real-world activities you’d like to do with your friends. You can login with your Facebook account and “follow” friends on the site. When your friends post events, they will appear in your newsfeed and you can choose to add them to your personal list, tell them you’d like to join in, and arrange all the details.

Do you have a friend that always finds out about the cool indie band playing in town? How about a friend who always knows about the latest delicious restaurant? With WhereBerry you can find awesome things to do around your city, see what activities your friends want to do and let them know you want to come.


[via WhereBerry Blog]


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