Seth Godin: Are You Blind To The ‘Wow’ Factor? [Headlines]

Seth Godin: Are You Blind To The ‘Wow’ Factor? [Headlines]

There are so many different amazing things that pop up everyday. You need to be skilled enough to sort through the clutter and pick the ones that really stand out.

Valentina Park
  • 28 june 2011

In his book Money Ball, Michael Lewis wrote about how virtually every single scout and manager in baseball was wrong about what makes a great baseball player. They had the wrong radar, the wrong wow. When statistics taught a few teams what the real wow was, the balance of power shifted. By definition, just about every great idea resonates early with those that have better radar than those that don’t. The skill, then, is to expose yourself often enough, learn enough and fail enough that you get to say wow before the competition does. Seth Godin’s Blog

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