Check In To 7-Eleven, Win A Trip To Space

Check In To 7-Eleven, Win A Trip To Space

7-Eleven and Super 8 give you the chance to win a trip to space by checking in via Foursquare.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 9 june 2011


In an interesting cooperative advertising partnership with the makers of upcoming science fiction film  Super 8, convenience store behemoth 7-Eleven has launched a contest that gives you a chance to go on a trip to space. The premise is simple: There are over 21,000 prizes: Every 88th check-in via Foursquare wins free Super 8 movie tickets, while every 88,888th check-in gets a free Zero-G Experience. If the total number of check-ins reach 888,888 by June, one lucky winner will be sent to space.


Super 8

Image from RaceTalkBlog

[via Foursquare Blog]

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