Artist celebrates London by drawing coloring and writing on discarded gum.

Ben Wilson has found a unique way to celebrate London and bring street art to the next frontier: chewing gum.

Due to the tedious nature of the task, he has developed a method of lying on the street while working on transforming discarded gum that he finds on the city’s sidewalks. The New York Times described his key motivations and tools:


His current project was inspired by a variety of concerns: the scourge of chewing gum on city sidewalks, people’s carelessness about the environment and how advertisements, not art, rule the urban landscape. He developed a technique in which he softens the gum with a blowtorch, sprays it with lacquer and then applies three coats of acrylic enamel. He uses tiny brushes, quick-drying his work with a lighter as he goes along, and then seals it with clear lacquer. Each painting takes between a few hours and a few days, and can last several years if the conditions are right.

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