Soda retailer sparks a new "green" initiative that encourages thoughtful interactions with the environment by capitalizing on online sharing and networking behavior.

Not too long ago, we reported on Coca-Cola Israel's Recycling pop-up shop during the Passover holiday. It seems as if the Israeli division of the soda and beverages retailer is intent on reminding people — and rightfully so, of the importance of recycling. It has paired with global ad agency Publicis to launch a new campaign called the Recycling King. They used the hot trend of checking into local places and created over 10,000 Coca-Cola designed “recycling bins” all over the country. Each recycling bin was placed into the Facebook Places system. They asked Facebook users to check-in every time they recycled a bottle, and encouraged them to take pictures of themselves putting the plastic in the bins. The most active participant was later crowned as “The Recycling King.” Motivating people to care about the environment has been a long-standing concern, but this campaign leverages social graph interaction as a smart way to motivate people to recycle.

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