Copious: The Social Online Marketplace

Copious: The Social Online Marketplace

Currently in beta, people reveal their identities and use them to bolster their online reputation, in this eBay-like marketplace, rather than having anonymous buyers and sellers.

Emma Hutchings
  • 24 june 2011

Newcomer Copious has moved away from the anonymity of online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist and made the process more social. Launched in beta earlier this month,  it requires a Facebook login and users’ profile pages can also be linked to their Twitter and eBay accounts and personal blogs. You can follow other users and view their recent activity in a feed.

Copious: The Social Online Marketplace

Product pages feature the seller’s identity and use “social signals” as a rating to show whether anyone you know is friends with them and if they’ve bought items from them before. Through “social pricing” sellers can choose to offer discounts to buyers who follow them or share the item with their networks, advertising what they’ve just bought. Johnathan Ehrlich, co-founder of Copious, said:

Building around real identity means no more anonymous transactions between aliases, no more sifting through reviews from equally anonymous third-parties, and no more recommendations based solely on what you’ve bought in the past. We’re creating a marketplace for the Facebook era, with an experience that’s organized around people first, products second.


[via MoMB]

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