CScout Japan: A New Era Of Energy Saving Vending Machines

CScout Japan: A New Era Of Energy Saving Vending Machines

Japan builds eco-friendly and energy saving vending machines.

Valentina Park
  • 9 june 2011

With the recent disasters in Japan and shortage of electricity, comes a new era of vending machines that are both eco-friendly as well as energy saving. We have seen countless fascinating innovations in many sectors of Japan involving the recent trend in “setsuden” (energy saving) and “teiden taisaku” (blackout countermeasures). As we also know, vending machines are a significant part of Japanese culture, located on the corner of every street, entrance of a building, and even rows of them side by side. However, these convenient, but not-so-efficient ubiquitous machines, devour an astonishing amount of electricity for their size. Numerous measures have been taken up by JVMA (Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association) to reduce the use of electrical energy such as Zone Cooling (in which the machines only cool/heat the next few cans that are ready to be sold), a sensor which enables it to turn off its lighting system during the day and when there are nearby lights, and a “Vacuum Insulation” system where materials such as glass wool and metallic films are used to prevent heat and cold loss.

Fujitaka Corporation, commonly known for its digital signage systems and eco-friendly/labor saving machines, introduced at the Digital Signage Japan 2011 event, the Ranman, a vending machine that uses phosphorescence as a method for lighting. According to a spokesman, this simple but innovative idea will save up to 30% of electricity, compared to traditional vending machines, by using phosphorescent lighting (commonly seen in glow-in-the-dark sticks) at night and times of a blackout. Powered by fluorescent chemicals and solar energy, this lighting source has a life of several hours. Fujitaka Corp. plans to utilize this efficient source of lighting in populated areas such as subway stations (to light up stairs, emergency exits, signs, etc), hospitals, schools, public restrooms, and underground parking garages.

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Written By: Ronald, CScout Japan intern
Reprinted with kind permission from CScout Japan

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