Seth Godin bitterly argues that even though Walgreen's is moving into his small town, the fight for small businesses is still strong.

They’re shutting down Jimmy Wang’s store. Shutting down a successful little business. Walgreen’s is moving into town, my town, a town with three or four small drugstores and plenty of places to buy stale cookies, thank you very much. I’ve written about Brother’s market before, an anchor in my little town. The only place to get hand-picked fresh food, pretty much, and the sort of market you could imagine moving to town just to be near. The problem is that while Brother’s was in a race to the top, a race to create more and better interactions, Walgreen’s is in a race to the bottom. They exist to extract the last penny from every bit of real estate they can control. That’s the deal they made with their shareholders. Seth Godin’s Blog

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