BSSP's Director of Strategy commends a new type of travel magazine that focuses on informing travelers to be more global citizens rather than pointing out tired, repeated tourist locations.

The world of travel magazines has always been pretty predictable– they either tell you how to save money and have a good time, or invite you into the glossy/brochure world of familiar European destinations and Caribbean islands and “sell” an experience that often seems too good to be true. However, if anyone was thinking of launching a magazine at this time, most experts would consider the founders certifiable and recommend strongly against it.

Into the gap in the market and the most challenging time for magazines, comes AFAR, a new title with a new sensibility about travel. Flipping through the pages you get this is a different magazine with a new agenda- one that’s more youthful, celebrates “all” of the globe, rather than just pieces and is interested in being a global citizen more than just a tourist.

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