Efa’s Frozen Yogurt Shop Interior Design Mashup

Efa’s Frozen Yogurt Shop Interior Design Mashup

Traditional and modern style collide in this solution to branded interior design.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 2 june 2011

Heritage ice cream brand Efa’s recently moved into the frozen yogurt market and partnered with German architects ZWEIDREI on a prototype shop design in Berlin. Aiming to express Efa’s history and also make customers aware of the brand’s new modern and healthy product offer, the architects devised an interior design strategy based on contradiction. Essentially main elements of the shop like the service counter and seating booths were built as separate interiors complete with floors, equipment, ceilings and lighting. These were inserted into the existing store. The raw edges and surrounds of the inserted spaces create an interesting contrast and at some angles border on an optical illusion with the existing space. Beyond the unique visual look, the design team considered the practical benefits of the design relating to fitting it in other locations.

Consolidated in a single box the brand’s idea can easily be transported in every location, adapt to found situation and be reproduced in new and interesting way. Cause every box holds the main ideas and significant brand values. Since the contradiction emerges simply between the existing room (objet trouvé) and the Efa’s box (objet construit), the idea of a room in a room becomes in conceptual and economic ways the sujet of the new Efa’s corporate identity.

[via designboom]


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