FDA Encourages Americans To Quit Smoking With New Warning Labels

FDA Encourages Americans To Quit Smoking With New Warning Labels

Nine new warning labels have been issued with graphic images and bigger fonts that will be on every pack of smokes starting October 2012.

Valentina Park
  • 23 june 2011

Cigarettes are addictive.
Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease.
Tobacco smoke can harm your children.

In other words, smoking can harm yourself and others. 443,000 US lives in a year to be exact. It’s been 25 years since the US cigarette labels have changed, but FDA released 10 new warning labels this past Tuesday. The labels will take up half of the front and back of the cigarette pack label starting in October of this year. They will have a larger font with headings such as “WARNING: Cigarettes cause cancer” and “WARNING: Smoking during pregnancy can harm your baby.” They will also come complete with graphic images like a man strapped to an oxygen mask and decaying lungs to encourage smokers to kick the nasty habit to the curb.

According to MSNBC, the gruesome messages will also appear on the “top 20% of every tobacco advertisement of companies such as Altria Group Inc’s Philip Morris unit, Reynold’s American Inc’s R.J. Reynolds Tobacco unit and Lorillard Inc’s Lorillard Tobacco Co.” The FDA has estimated that there will be 213,000 less smokers by year 2013, and hopes that the warnings will prevent young children from taking up smoking.

Unfortunately, many are doubtful that this effort is enough to actually translate into fewer smokers. Fox News recently reported that without the government making a bigger effort to ban smoking in public areas, there is a slim chance that smokers, especially young teen smokers, will walk away. It just seems like these warning labels are going to fall into the pile of white noise, wasting ink and killing paper in the process. Fox News referenced New York City’s efforts to ban smoking in parks as an example that the rest of the country should follow. Maybe, this is that extra push that’s necessary to push those “I Quit Smoking” numbers closer down to zero.

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