From Flip Video To Grilled Cheese: Jonathan Kaplan On Moving Forward


The man who brought us the once famed Flip video explores a new business venture.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 10 june 2011

Barely two months after Cisco pulled the plug on the Flip camera due to ‘competition from smartphones,’ Jonathan Kaplan, founder and chief executive of Pure Digital (the company that originally produced Flip cameras), has announced a new business venture that features “all the same tenets as the Flip: Simple, nostalgic, memorable, affordable:” grillied cheese. That’s right; Kaplan founded a new chain of grilled-cheese-and-soup restaurants named “The Melt.” From The New York Times:

[Kaplan] plans to open five The Melt restaurants around San Francisco this year, then 500 more nationwide by 2015. You’ll order online or from your phone; you’ll be sent a QR barcode, which you hold up to a scanner when you arrive at the restaurant. Your sandwich and soup combo ($8) will be ready in one minute.

They’re upscale grilled-cheese; the combos will include “aged gruyere on wheat with wild mushroom soup,” he says, or “goat cheese and mint with carrot ginger soup.” With each visit, you’ll be asked if you’d like to round up your purchase price to the nearest dollar, with the difference donated to a charity dedicated to fighting world hunger.

It sure sounds—unusual. But if the industry has learned anything from the dearly departed Flip, it’s that it’s not wise to bet against Jonathan Kaplan.

[via The New York Times]


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