George Orwell Turns 108 Years Old [Headlines]

George Orwell Turns 108 Years Old [Headlines]
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Flavorwire compiled a visual book cover history of George Orwell's 1984 to celebrate his 108th Birthday.

Valentina Park
  • 27 june 2011

Today marks George Orwell’s 108th birthday. To celebrate, Flavorwire has compiled a visual history of the publication of one of his most influential works, 1984. Though 1984 has come and gone with little in the way of Big Brother (although we suppose it depends on whom you ask), Orwell’s novel is still a key component of American education and culture. If you’ve got two hours on your hands this afternoon, wish Orwell a happy 108th by watching this 1954 BBC Television production of the novel. Flavorwire

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