Grafitti Used In Campaign Against Drugs

Grafitti Used In Campaign Against Drugs

A new campaign against drugs in São Paulo uses the city's surfaces as its billboards to speak more directly to the young urban audience most effected.

Mauricio Soares
  • 20 june 2011

The Diadema municipality administration took an alternative route in its efforts to prevent drug abuse. The medium for broadcasting their message could be anything from walls to lampposts or manholes, and the language is art.

The campaign is based on urban interventions developed by Paz Comunicação Estratégica in a partnership with Tota, a well-known local graffiti artist that has also been involved with a number of other social initiatives in the area, such as free graffiti workshops and cultural events.

Diadema - Tota 2

Twenty spots scattered across the city were selected to host the pieces, which communicate the campaign motto: “A droga é uma roubada fácil de entrar, mas difícil de sair.” (Drugs are a wagon that’s easy to get in, but hard to get out). Billboards, banners, flyers and newspaper insertions are also used in the communication.

Diadema is one of the most important municipalities of São Paulo’s metropolitan area, and has been struggling with the consequences of an escalating popularization of crack cocaine. The campaign is part of an integrated plan that covers prevention, damage reduction, addiction treatment and social reinsertion of users.




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