Haptic Hacking Means There’s Life In The Old Mouse Yet [Video]

Haptic Hacking Means There’s Life In The Old Mouse Yet [Video]

Old hardware provides insight for new ways for us to get in touch with software.

Stephen Fortune
  • 17 june 2011

We’re quite partial to playful hardware hacking at PSFK so this latest experiment with the humble mouse from Jan Barth and Roman Grasy couldn’t help but pique our attention.

The mouse is able to communicate three different properties of data. It can show you the weight of files and folders, by braking with different force, according to the file-size. Or you can set a custom weight for files, just like the color marking function in MacOSX. So you can find important files more easily. The third property, the mouse can show you, is the activity of files and folders. By “breathing” with different intervals, it shows how much a file was opened or how busy a folder has been recently.

The mouse was an immense leap forward in human – computer interaction when it debuted in 1972 but the increasing rise of touch screen interfaces has prompted some to muse whether the mouse will soon go the way of the dodo. However by placing the physicality of the mouse front and centre, the Databot mouse cogently foregrounds the importance of tangibility in our interaction with machines.

DataBot Mouse from Jan Barth on Vimeo.

[Via Today & Tomorrow: DataBot Mouse]

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