What used to be seen as a last resort is fast becoming the most successful trend in writing. Alison Flood talks to the authors doing it themselves.

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.99. “When I saw that highly successful authors were charging .99 for an ebook, I thought, if I can make a profit at 99 cents, I no longer have to prove I’m as good as them,” he told the Wall Street Journal. “Rather, they have to prove they are 10 times better than me.”

His website claims that one of his novels is downloaded somewhere in the world every seven seconds, and he’s now written a new Kindle book, How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months. Voss and Edwards are selling Catch Your Death for 95p because, says Voss, “the huge advantage of having priced it really cheaply is that people think, ‘What have I got to lose?” Paranormal romance writer Amanda Hocking, who has now signed a deal reported to be worth more than m with St Martin’s, sold her ebooks herself for between

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