's efforts to provide water to a small village in India prompts its inhabitants to give them a noteworthy tribute.

After receiving 15 hand pumps from (India's version of Groupon), a village in Northern India changed its name to that of its benefactor. The village, formerly known as Shiv Nagar–named after the Hindu god Shiva–changed it's name to Nagar, after receiving a $5,000 donation from SnapDeal’s founder, 28-year-old Kunal Bahl. From the blog:

All we can say is that time will show our commitment to this project and even the things we do in the future. You need not be a multibillionaire company to make a change in the society around you. This project was not about the power of money but the intent and efforts which our team took to give this dream life. Even if one small company takes inspiration from this, we will feel our efforts have borne fruit.

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