Would you pay a monthly fee to go to the theater an unlimited amount of times?

As monthly payment streaming becomes the dominant form of film and television consumption through websites such as Netflix and Hulu, how this phenomenon will affect cinema viewership becomes an important question. People are becoming more used to paying a monthly fee to watch as many movies as they want, when they want, as opposed to paying for single copies of DVDs or for temporary rentals.

Moviepass offers a real world correlate to unlimited monthly access that encourages repeat theater attendance by both streamlining the process and potentially makes it cheaper. For a flat fee, 50 dollars, a person can attend as many movies as they want at a particular theater within a monthly time frame. If this is too ambitious an undertaking to the less cinematically inclined, ‘lite' packages are also provided. Moviepass is currently unveiling the Beta of their project in San Francisco across 21 different theaters. Depending on how successful it is, it could eventually spread to the rest of the country.

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