LA Artist Upcycles Shopping Carts Into Park Furniture

LA Artist Upcycles Shopping Carts Into Park Furniture

Moved by the lack of playgrounds in his area, LA Artist Ramon Coronado creates playground furniture out of old shopping carts.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 7 june 2011


Driven by the desire to provide recreational spots in MacArthur Park, Los Angeles for kids to play in, artist Ramon Coronado kickstarted the Mercado Negro Project (Mercado Negro is Spanish for “Black Market”), a 12-week initiative where he, along with a few friends, handcrafts shopping carts into park furniture of varying shapes and sizes.


Intended as portable playground furniture mainly for kids, Coronado’s artworks also serve as a commentary on the lack of recreational locations for the children of Los Angeles. He explains:

I took it upon myself to take a shopping cart and make a statement with it. I reclaimed LA’s iconic shopping cart and created furniture for kids to enjoy in these urban Los Angeles areas. The project is a criticism of the scarcity of recreational functions for kids growing up in a dense city like Los Angeles.

Ramon Coronado’s Mercado Negro

[via Inhabitat]

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