New Nissan Leaf Print Ad Boasts More Miles For Your Dollar

New Nissan Leaf Print Ad Boasts More Miles For Your Dollar

Their polar bear advert missed the mark but this print ad comes up with a clever new metric to sell to car buyers.

Emma Hutchings
  • 24 june 2011

This latest print ad from Nissan for their electric car, Leaf, features a colorful graphic showing the fuel efficiency of a selection of car models. However, it isn’t measured in mpg (miles per gallon) as usual, but “miles traveled for one dollar.” Scrapping the traditional metric in favor of something more relevant for a gas price-obsessed society is a smart move.

The small print of the ad reads: “comparing miles per gallon is suddenly irrelevant.” It changes how readers compare cars and boasts about being an affordable alternative at the same time.

New Nissan Leaf Print Ad Boasts Fuel Efficiency

Writing for green-business site Triple Pundit, Jacquelyn Ottman comments by saying:

“This approach is reminiscent of what I love about the EPA’s new fuel economy labels: they include annual fuel costs and estimated fuel savings in addition to mpg, and smog and greenhouse gas ratings—thus helping would-be drivers to understand the direct, compelling benefits of buying a greener car.”

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